The bathroom. The place where we start every day. The place where you enjoy not only washing the body but also the soul.

Mixers tap

The right choice of Mixer Tap forms the basis of any functional bathrooms. However, it also completes its high esthetic level.
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In addition to the design while choosing faucets we should also consider its lifetime, maintenance, surface resistance and especially practical control. It belongs to the most mechanically stressed bathroom facilities.

You can choose from a wide range of basin mixers, wall mixers, practical tap batteries or withers batteries attractive retro style. There are also modern thermostatic and sensor batteries that increase user comfort while saving our wallet. Just choose one of them.
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Bathroom accessories

If you want to experience in your bathroom a sense of luxury, uniqueness and exceptionality, equip it with the right bathroom accessories.
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Whether you have a large, medium or small bathroom accessories to always find a place. Today, bathroom accessories are not only practical, they look very aesthetically. On the accessories brand SAPHO additionally we provide high guarantees. Divide the bathroom into the zones, place the accessories in them, and your bathroom will always look perfectly.
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Bathroom furniture, mirrors

With quality bathroom furniture, you get, in addition to an interesting and original look, a practical storage space that will guarantee maximum comfort in everyday use.
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Bathroom furniture should be designed to seamlessly withstand differences in temperature, humidity and air vapors.

Today's trends speak clearly in favor of wooden furniture, or its imitation, but natural stone sinks or more affordable, artificial stoves are becoming increasingly popular. In addition to material and color it is also important style that should also tune of faucets and bathroom accessories. view in e-shop


The washbasin often decides on the overall style of the bathroom. The right choice of washbasin can also make your bathroom a positive emotional space.
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There is a huge range of design you basins, from which you can choose. Top materials include ceramics, cast marble, glass or stone. You can also choose from a wide range of colors and shapes that match your expectations. It depends only on your concept, whether you choose a modern washbasin, a traditional wall-mounted sink, or the most practical recessed washbasin as part of your dream bathroom furniture.
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Oval or angular, classic or popular free standing? Above all, the bath must be as comfortable as possible.
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Diving into a bath full of warm water and rich foam was the privilege of kings and nobles. Today you can relax in comfort and enjoy the comfort of your own home.

You can choose from a wide range of modern design baths and their diverse shapes and materials to meet the demands of even the most demanding clients. The bathtub is a space that allows you to relax comfortably and eliminate everyday stress. So can you imagine your bathroom without a proper bathtub?
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Shower Enclosures

The shower enclosures consist of a shower enclosure and a shower tray and can have several different shapes and shapes.
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Offer shower enclosures is wide, just as there are many options which we have to consider before installing. Our reward will be a functional room that will serve us for years to our satisfaction, so we use not only of their own needs, but also the spatial bathroom solutions.

The most commonly used type of the quadrant shower enclosures, especially for its appearance and favorable interior space.
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If you're not lovers hardening, you will also appreciate stylish heating in your bathroom.
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Did you know that the temperature in the bathroom should be even higher than in the rest of your home? Separate bathroom heating contributes not only increases comfort, but also to stay healthy in the bathroom and certainly should therefore its function and purpose should not be underestimated.

Our radiators are not only highly functional, but also a combination of simple elegance, unusual shapes and a large variety of colors and materials. view in e-shop

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