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SAPHO, bathrooms profesional
Stylishly equipped bathroom? Modern and trendy bathroom fixtures? No problem! We have 517 pages of bathroom equipment, which can help you to design a stylish bathroom.
(517 pages )
SAPHO tiles, stock products
Catalog in a new design, popular and proven tiles, paving that we have in stock.
(75 pages )
SAPHO, bathrooms Black design
Who wants to keep up with the latest trends knows that black color definitely belongs to contemporary modern bathrooms.
(60 pages )
SAPHO, bathrooms Gold
Favorite gold in the bathroom. The golden color will bring light and a perfect atmosphere to your bathroom. This catalog will guide you through the offer of products in an unusual and original gold color.
(20 pages )
SAPHO, retro bathrooms
Retro is our specialty! See for yourself.
(84 pages )