RETRO is our specialty

Unlike constantly changing modern trends which can become outdated quickly, the sophistication of RETRO STYLE design has stood the test of time. Its aesthetic power is derived from nostalgia, and a desire to go back to roots, traditions and values.

Retro style is a symbol of quality, passed down through countless generations. It has intrigued us through the ages, and provokes our natural curiosity about our shared history. Retro style can also inspire, allowing designers to riff off of the creativity and ingenuity of their predecessors while incorporating contemporary elements and experimenting with the fusion of past and present trends.

Retro brings not only timeless design into your bathroom, but also finesse, elegance, and culture. Retro isn’t just for those who pine for the good old days, its versatility allows it to breathe unique and personalised style into any interior. A variety of elements can be used to express the unfettered spirit of idealistic youth, or evoke the grandeur, refinement and passion of past eras in combining Retro style with modern elements and technologies, we are creating a bathroom space which will be both pleasing to the eye and functional.

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